Step-by-Step for Kinetic Recyclers

1. Login & Sign Up

Login, sign up and set the Kinetic site as a bookmark or favorite on your phone so that scheduling a pick up each time is a breeze.

2. Collect Glass Bottles & Jars

Instead of tossing your used glass bottles and jars into the trash, drop them in the Kinetic bin until you're ready to schedule a pick up. Make sure it's acceptable to be recycled.

3. Schedule a Pick Up

Once your bin is full, simply place it out on the curb and schedule a pick up on the Kinetic website. There is no set day to request any of the three allotted pick ups per month - it's whenever you need it!

4. The Rest is Up to Us

Once notified, someone from our team will come by, grab your full bin and replace it with a new, clean one ready for you to fill again!